New Store Hours (for now at least!)

As we get back to this new “normal” we have adjusted hours at all locations. Here they are…

Cranberry TWP – Noon till 6p – Monday – Saturday

Ellwood City – 10a – 5p – Monday – Saturday

Butler – Noon till 7p – Monday – Saturday, *THIS LOCATION ONLY. Saturday 10a-12p for 55+ customers only.

Waterfront – Noon till 7p – Monday – Saturday

Ohio Valley – Noon till 7p – Monday – Saturday

Pittsburgh Mills – Available for mail order and pick up via our Butler location.


Please keep checking back as we will update this post when times for each location change.




5 of 6 NDC locations back open for customers!

As of May 15th Ellwood City, Butler, Cranberry, Waterfront, and Ohio Valley locations will be open for customers.

*Pittsburgh Mills is offering mail order, or pick up at our Butler location, by appointment.

Our hours of operation will be Monday – Saturday

Waterfont / Butler / Ohio Valley: Noon – 7 PM

Cranberry: 10a-6p

Ellwood City: 10a-5p

We will be instituting guidelines to help keep everyone as safe as we can during these times:

  • All customers and employees in the store will be required to wear face coverings.
  •  People must maintain a 6 foot distance between themselves and others while in the store.
  • We will be limiting the number of customers that will be permitted in the store at one time. Information for this will be posted on the store’s front door.
  • As a result of the previous two items, there will be no gaming events held in-store until this is eased.
  • To help offset the limit on the number of customers allowed inside and for anyone who cannot wear a face covering, curbside pickup will return. You can pay for items aside on your ComicHub account at the ComicHub customer portal ( with Credit Card *or* PayPal and we will run your order out to your vehicle. You can also order items via that stores email and pay for it over the phone.Please note that our bathrooms will be closed to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience.Thank you for your patience and understanding. We missed all of you and are excited to see some friendly faces… or at least your eyes!

Mail Order is now live!

For those of you that want to purchase items to get you through this time, we are offering mail orders for all customers, not just subscribers. 

Here is how it will work. 

Place your order via email to your local New Dimension Comics store. While we are encouraging everyone to utilize their ComicHub customer portal to see what is in you aside (aka pull box) you can just ask via email. We will do everything we can to get you what you need. 

Include in that email the following: 

  • Your name
  • The address we will be shipping too
  • A phone number to reach you at 
  • The items you would like to purchase

While we will ship pretty much anything, these are the pandemic price rates you will be looking at, in PA only. Please check with us for out of state costs.  

$0-20 of comics only – $8

$20-50 of comics only – $5

Graphic novels and RPG books can be mailed separately up to a quantity of 15 for just $5

If you want a mix of different categories of items shipping may differ. 

Once we have your order together we will call you for an over the phone payment. 

Store emails are as follows:

Butler –

Pittsburgh Mills –

Ellwood –

Waterfront –

Cranberry –

We will be having limited staff working on these so please be patient with us as we process your items as fast as possible. 

Thank you and stay safe everyone! 


Manage your order with ComicHub!

How to access your comichub account. 


This is only for those who do not already have their account synced or have never accessed it online before. 

Go to 

Click Get Started in the top right

Use your email to log in with the password as the first 3 letters of your first name @123. 

Please make sure you put your full first and last name into the system when you do this. It will help us if there are any issues trying to sync your account. 



John Smith with an email of


User id would be

Password would be JOH@123


After that you will need to find your local New Dimension Comics Store on the location finder and choose us as your store. 

That sends an alert to us to sync with you. Once we do you will get an email that says you have successfully synced with the store. After that, you can go to the same website using LOGIN and update your password. At that point you can now look at what is in your aside by going to ORDER HISTORY. 


If you have any questions, please let us know. We will work with you to get you access. 


Thanks for working with us. 

  • NDC 


Curbside Pickup No Longer Available for Stores *updated*

UPDATED 3/25/20:

Some good news for our comic customers:

We will have your books available for Mail Order only for all locations between

Credit card payments only. You must email us with what specifically you’re asking for mail out. To see what you have on hold for you, make sure you log on to your ComicHub account. You can request other books and we will accommodate as we can. 

Please bare with us as we try to make the best of this situation.

If you have any questions please email your local NDC 

Butler –

Pittsburgh Mills –

Ellwood –

Waterfront –

Cranberry –


A Message to our PA Customers and Friends regarding COVID-19

Beginning March 17th, all of our Pennsylvania stores will be closed for 2 weeks.
There really isn’t much more to say at this time, we are working hard to find ways to make the best of this situation. Whatever that means, your support will be key in bringing us out of this darkness.
Please stay tuned, stay positive, stay healthy, and be kind to each other!

Todd McDevitt

New Dimension Comics

NDC is now part of COMICHub

Manage your subscriptions, orders, and get information about your weekly orders all from your phone or personal computer.

Ask the staff for more details, and to make sure your email is up to date with us before you try to sync! Trust us, it will be easier.


Find the COMICHub app on the App Store and the Google App Store. Or go to and choose your local New Dimension Comics store.


Some of the features of COMICHub:

  • Add new titles to your subscription from your phone or computer
  • See your order history and when the next issues are to come out
  • Get alerts about when your items have arrived
  • It will help prevent buying duplicates of items you already own
  • Get news about your local NDC without having to use social media
  • So much more!