Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show!


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April 19th, 2014 inside The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum, Pa from 10-5. 


Drawings will be held every half hour. And we have a LOT of sweet stuff to give away. Coming early and sticking around is a good idea!

We pride ourselves on putting out lots of freebies at our shows!  Come early for best selection. 

Get your picture taken with everyone's favorite domed droid! 

Meet tons of great artists, writers, celebrities, and more! 

Lots of great comic, toy, and all types of collectibles dealers will be displaying there goodies!  Dealer tables are now SOLD OUT. Please e-mail events@ndcomics.com for information reguarding future events. 

Used Comic Drive! 
We will be collecting your old Comics and Graphic Novels to be donated to the Librarys of Allegheny County! When you donate you can get extra entries to win SUPER COOL SPECIAL PRIZES! 

Cosplayers please remember that you may not wear a mask outside of the show space. The Mall is very strict on this rule!


Guests and Attractions: (check back as this list will grow!)


Guest of Honor!

Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham is a comic book artist best known for his work on Batman Incorporated with Grant Morrison, as well as the creator-owned books such as Officer Downe and Nixon's Pals, which were published by Image Comics. One of his high profile issues he has done was the death of Damian Wayne in Batman Inc.

Chris grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he frequented New Dimension Comics in Crannberry. In 2002 Burnham moved to Chicago, where he started to work as a graphic designer. Since then he has produced work for DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Boom! Studios and Moonstone Books. Here are some of the titles he worked on:

Kolchak: Tales of the Night Stalker #3: "More Creatures of Habit" (with Dave Ulanski, Moonstone Books), Moonstone Monsters: Witches: "The Witch in the Woods" (with William Messner-Loebs, Moonstone Books), Kolchak: Black & White & Red All Over (with Dave Ulanski, Moonstone Books),Elephantmen (with Richard Starkings, Comicraft),Nixon's Pals (with Joe Casey, Image), Fear Agent #21: (script and art, Dark Horse), X-Men: Divided We Stand #2: (with Duane Swierczynski, Marvel), X-Men: Manifest Destiny #1: (with James Asmus, Marvel),Hack/Slash (Devil's Due), Monster Truck (webcomic, self-published), The Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 (with Peter David and Claudio Sanchez, Boom! Studios), Officer Downe: (with Joe Casey, Image Comics), Batman Incorporated (with Grant Morrison, DC Comics)

Chris is currently working on a new book with Grant Morrison for Image Comics titled: The Nameless.

"Let's see... I think I would have started going to New Dimension in '91 or '92. I have a very specific memory of calling every week for months on end to see if the new Marshal Law (Super Babylon) had come out yet. I guess I was a little too young for it... thanks for selling it to me! I'm sure my mom appreciated it! ;D What else... I remember saving up my lawn-mowing money for weeks to be able to buy the first appearance of Deathlok... but I chickened out!"
- Chris Burnham on his younger days hanging out at NDC Cranberry.



Special Guest!

Ron Frenz

As a veteran Marvel Comics artist, Ron has drawn just about every character you can think of! For New Dimension Comics, he has drawn many awesome pieces.

Ron is best known as penciller and co-creator of Marvelís Spider-Girl. Mr. Frenzís art has appeared on such varied titles as:  Marvelís Spider-man line, Thor, Thunderstrike, Superman and other such titles as Ka-Zar, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Marvel Saga to name a few.  Ron seems to always be on hand when comics history is made. He was the designer of Supermanís controversial electric blue outfit, he co-created the New Warriors with Tom Defalco, and he was the penciler of What If? #105 the first appearance of the popular Spider-Girl. This issue sparked Marvel's M2 line of titles.  Ron went on to co-plot and pencil several M2 titles as well as the various incarnations of the Spidergirl series.?


Cheryl Adamson

Specializing in horror and comic style paintings Been painting for five years but already making a name in the local art scene. Has sold paintings all over the world including Norway Alaska and new Zealand and just recently opening a successful gallery in Pittsburgh unlike any other gallery you've seen.


Nathanael Batchelor

Nathanael Batchelor works as both a freelance comic and concept artist along with voice acting and many other talents including sculpting and special effects/make-up. Voices he loves to imitate include Kermit the Frog, The Joker (both Hamill and Ledger versions) and Megatron (G1 and Transformers Prime versions). He is currently working on an original comic series named Retr0. Nathanael has also cosplayed and acted as The 11th Doctor for New Dimension Comics for various events. He's excited to bring new content to the upcoming Comics & Collectibles Shows and thankful for the opportunities that NDC has provided him.


Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton been drawing for the last 15 years with a focus on pop culture and comic book style art. Having set up at comic cons and comic shops in Pittsburgh, Ohio, and Arizona. He sells prints, posters, and sketch cards of his art as well as takes on commissions. Living in Phoenix Arizona for the last 10 years he has been featured in 5 comic shops and is looking forward to working with shops and local creators on future shows and projects. Matt has been able to work with Brian Miller from HI-FI design and Shelby Robertson who have worked at Marvel, DC, and Image comics on art prints he brings to shows. You can see Matt's art and his comic con show schedule on his face book page artbybolton.


Nigel Carrington

Nigel Carrington is a local comic book writer and illustrator of over 15 self published comic books. Nigel has been spinning tales since he was seven years old, fueled by the work of artists like Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Manga artist Katsuhiro Otomo and countless hours of Sci Fi and Japanese Anime movies he created the Starr Skills Studios Universe which comprise of Ant Hill and G.U.N.

Nigel's professional experience includes a internship at Marvel Comics in Manhattan, NY. He met with one of Marvel's Editors and was given test assignments which included Spider-man, Dare Devil and The Hulk. The Editor was impressed by his work and it gave Nigel an increase in confidence, but nonetheless Nigel had to maintain a more steadier income aside from free lance assignments. In the following years of working a regular job he returned to his true passion, doing so by giving life to the characters he created as a child and the rest is history in the making.

You can see Nigel's work and get more information on his upcoming projects by staying posted to his web site. www.anthillcomic.com


S. A. Check

S.A. Check is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author. As a kid, he grew up on comic books, heroes and villains, conflict and cliffhangers. He read which-way books, science fiction and fantasy series, and classic horror fiction. While earning his degree in English / Writing from Penn State University, he was exposed to poetry and prose, Shakespeare and Albee, anthologies and world lit.
Today he lives with his E.R. nurse wife and tween daughter in Southwestern Pennsylvania and enjoys all the small dramas that come down the path. He's an active member of thePennwriters author group, Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, and contributed multiple articles to local newspapers. His short story, Tangled Lines, appeared in the charity anthology, Hazard Yet Forward, and he achieved his first published novel, Welcome to GreenGrass with Bedlam Press, an imprint for Necro Publications, the first of what he hopes are many tall tales of his to be told.
Visit his author profile over at Necropublications.com, his blog at sacheck.blogspot.com, Facebook, Google +, Goodreads, or shoot him a tweet @S_A_Check.


Scott Conner

After serving in the Marine Corp, Scott went back to his passion which was Special FX and Art. Upon graduating from AIP with a degree in Industrial Design, Scott spent nearly a decade in LA working on TV and film doing anything art related from makeup to props and specialty costuming. After returning to Pittsburgh to be closer to family 4 years ago Scott has been continuing his career both in entertainment and the art community and has plans for more salvage art pieces on the way as well as dabbling in the emerging 3D printing and scanning fields. "Art is all around us, and influences everything we do, it can not be ignored"


Vito Delsante

Vito Delsante is a comic book writer/graphic novelist who has written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, AdHouse Books, and Simon & Schuster, among others. He lives in New York City with his wife, Michelle, daughter, Sadie, and his dog, Kirby.
Website: http://www.vitodelsante.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/incogvito


Nathan Doverspike

Hello, my name is Nathan Doverspike. Illustration and Graphic Design are my specialties. My illustrations consist of ink drawings heavily influenced by comic books. Check out my work at https://www.behance.net/NathanDoverspike. Please feel free to contact me with business inquiries and creative partnerships at doverspike360@gmail.com.


Extra Life

Extra Life, a 24hr video game marathon that benefits Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. This is the 6th year Extra Life has been in existence and last year local gamers raised over $36,000 for the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. Collectively gamers raised over $2MM for Children's Hospitals Nationwide. One of the best aspects of this charity is that when you sign up to participate you choose the hospital that gets the donations you raise, allowing everything to stay local to the participant. Extra Life is simple yet extremely fun. You sign up, then start getting people to sponsor you similar to a race. The ideal is $1 an hour, then on November 2nd, you play video games for 24hrs. It's that simple. Another wonderful aspect is that the rules are very loose. You can play board games, card games, table top games, whatever you prefer. Also since it is in conjunction with hospitals personal health is important and it is stressed to take a break every couple of hours to move around, go for a walk, stay hydrated, etc. If you can't play for 24hrs straight, that's fine, break it up into smaller groups and play over the week or month. There is no set place for it either, play with friends, play alone, rent out a fire hall or have it in your home. Make a team with your friends, it can be as big or small as you make it, the main part is helping raise money. Sign up at www.extra-life.org


Shawn Gabborin

In 2005 Shawn, along with his wife & artist Stephanie, started self publishing
horror comics under the banner Angry Gnome Comics.  Since then, Shawn has been bringing his own brand of horror to the world through titles such as "Victor
Season", "Palm Reader" and "Short Stack" (a horror anthology).  His writing has
also been published in Heavy Metal Magazine and 2012: Final Prayers.

In 2010 Shawn was one of the founding members of Action Lab Entertainment and
has served as Editor-In-Chief ever since.  Through ALE, he has helped bring life
to several indie hits, as well as publishing his horror one-shot "Snowed In" and
superhero comic "Fracture".

http://www.angrygnomecomics.com   &


Dan Gorman

Dan Gorman is a Medical Illustrator/Freelance Illustrator from Kent, Ohio. Recent work in the field of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Illustration include hand drawn original Sketch Cards for “Thor”, “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Marvel Beginnings Series 1” and “Avengers: Kree/Skrull War” Trading Card sets Released by The Upper Deck, Co. Dan also created Sketch Cards for “Vampirella” released by Breygent Marketing and worked on the “AMC’s The Walking Dead” Trading card set by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Dan's first Sequential comic book work appearing in “Femforce #158” by AC Comics in January 2012.



Scott Hedlund

Scott Hedlund is a comic book maker from Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past 15 years, Scott has contributed pencils, inks, colors, covers, and letters to books and webcomics including: Weirdlings, Fairhaven, Chaos Punks, WZWA, World of Orenda, Super Haters, and latest comic project, In No Way Memorable. See Scott's work at: www.weirdlings.com

Scott is also a co-host of the Comic Book Pitt ( www.comicbookpitt.com), Pittsburgh's premiere comic book podcast with co-hosts Dan Greenwald and Jared Catherine.


Gavynne Hehman

SGavynne Hehman is a fresh out of high school artist. Being voted the Most Artistic Student out of her entire graduating class, her work is promising! She loves to work with pencil, paints, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. She does a TON of custom work and can paint or draw anything anyone's heart desires. She loves drawing anime as much as watching it. In 2010, at 14 years old, she received a full scholarship to attend Slippery Rock University's Summer Creative and Performing Arts Academy. Her work has been featured in The Pomegranate the Grove City Newspaper. She has done numerous murals, including some at Lincoln High School and also apprenticed at Black Crown, a tattoo parlor in Ellwood City, PA. She is now attending BC3 for a degree in Fine Arts.


Barry Linck

Barry Linck has been producing and publishing comic books for 2 decades. As writer, artist and creator, he has continued to produce his fan favorite 'Phineus: Magician for Hire' and 'Gil: The Walking Dead (or Vampires Suck)', a monthly comic strip. Barry served as artist on 'Khozyain Protocol', and contributed artwork for 'The Creators' and 'Reverie'. Barry collaborated with Brian Babyok on such titles as 'Pan', 'Phineus: The Glamour', and 'Dark Time' An avid fan of role playing games, Barry co-created 'Backwaters of Mysticism' with John Burris. Barry currently is doing the art chores on the webcomic 'Weirdlings' and working on his third volume of 'Phineus: Magician for Hire' and 'Creephunter' & 'The Pocket Pulp Project' with Mike Wood all while raising a family in Pittsburgh. His webcomic is at http://phinmagic.com .


John Martin

Greensburg artist John Martin creates digital paintings based on his faith and his love of comics. John has recently been published in Studio Three16's book Inspired Visions along with over twenty other comic and pop culture artists. Commissions will be available during and after the show. For more info please visit www.risenlion.com and like Risen Lion on Facebook. .


Mytron Studios

Mytron Studios was established by Corey & Victoria Conrad in November 2009. Located in Schuylkill County PA, Mytron Studios focuses on creativity & originality.
Current Mytron Studios Projects Include: A clothing & art collection called... "Unnatural by Victoria Conrad" www.unnaturalart.com
6 Issue Mini Comic Series called... "Livid Outbreak" www.lividoutbreak.com
Free Webcomic called... "Oliver" www.oliverthewebsite.com


Paste Pot Prefects

Good friends April, Bill, and Tee started making repurposed comic book art last year. What started as a bookshelf and a few switch plates has turned into a diverse line that consists of tissue boxes, purses, candle jars, shadow boxes, bracelets, mirrors and other forms of decoupage functional art. It's a second life for those characters we love and from those comics that aren't worth too much. A preview can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PastePotPrefects?page=1


New Paradigm Studios / Brandon Perlow

New York, New York - New Paradigm Studios' Founder & President Brandon Perlow is raising the curtain on three original graphic novels that could not be more different from each other in genre and style by veteran comic book storytellers.

Brandon Perlow, well known for his studio's 3D computer graphics concept design work for many entertainment companies in New York and Los Angeles, is now adding IP creation to his portfolio with the creation of New Paradigm Studios (NPS). Having taking on the roll of publisher, Perlow recently recruited Justin F. Gabrie, former Marvel Director of Publishing & Editorial Operations/Managing Editor, as Senior Editor to handle day-to-day editorial with the purpose of producing strong, quality properties on a timely basis. Project production for all three NPS graphic novels are in full swing, currently launching first in chapters as comic-style issue-length books via digital distribution. Afterwards, these 4-6 issue mini-series will be collected in print format as full-size graphic novels.

About Brandon Perlow
Prior to founding New Paradigm Studios, Brandon Perlow has worked in the visual effects industry since 1996. Among the projects Brandon has been involved with include movies such as X-Men, X-Men2, 2Fast and 2Furious, Apocolypto, and Zodiac, as well as many commercials. One of his best achievements, winning the Bronze Clio Award for the "Amp" energy drink. Brandon worked for companies such as Digital Domain, Asylum FX, Buck, Jim Henson Creature Shop and Walt Disney Feature Animation. Brandon's true passion has been comics so when the opportunity and timing presented itself, Brandon made New Paradigm Studios into a reality.


John A. Russo & George Kosana

With twenty books published internationally and nineteen feature movies in worldwide distribution, John A. Russo has been called "a living legend."  He began by co-authoring the screenplay for NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD  which has since become
 known as a "horror classic."  His three books on the art and craft of movie making have become bibles of independent production, and one of the them, entitled SCARE TACTICS, won a national award for Superior Achievement in Nonfiction. Quentin Tarantino and many other noted filmmakers have unabashedly stated that Russo's books have helped them to launch their careers. 

John Russo wants people to know he's "just a nice guy who likes to scare people" -- and he's done it with novels and films such as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD,  MIDNIGHT, THE MAJORETTES, THE AWAKENING and HEARTSTOPPER.  His novel MIDNIGHT was published in twenty-five languages, and the movie, although made on a very low budget, got excellent reviews, attracted a "cult" following,  and has been kept in constant release on VHS and DVD by Lions Gate.

He has had a long, rewarding career, and he shows no sign of slowing down.  Recently his screenplay for ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD was made into a five-part comic book released by Avatar to great acclaim -- and it made the Top Ten of Horror Comics nationally.  To date this original story has spawned ten sequels and two graphic novels, plus a slew of tie-in merchandise such as T-shirts, beer mugs, coffee mugs, shot glasses, etc.  The outstanding success of this property in comic-book form has shown such a strong grassroots appeal that the movie is now  ready to go with Russo directing a
 top-rated cast featuring Kristina Klebe, Gunnar Hansen, Kane Hodder and Tom Savini.

Released in the fall of 2010 were two new horror comics written by Russo and a big trade paperback from Kensington Publishing Company comprised of both the original novel of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and its stark-horror follow-up, also by Russo, entitled THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.  This is the  first time that both of these horror classics were teamed together in one volume.

Russo's popularity among genre fans remains at a high pitch, evidenced by the fact that this year alone he will be a main attraction in four movie-making books by other authors, and will be a guest on an Internet panel hosted by Edgar-winning writer Jonathan Maberry.

John Russo's current movie projects, in addition to ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD, include a horror thriller about teenage vampires, a dark fantasy concerning an alien invasion of a small town, and a hilariously funny TV series entitled THE ZOMBIE COMEDY SHOW.



Steel City Ghostbusters

One of the country's largest non-profit tribute groups! Come meet the guys that put a lot into what they love.


Adelle Udon

Meet model, artist, and cosplayer Adelle Udon at our show on April 19th at Pittsburgh Mills! She is a frequently featured model on Women Of Comicbook Cosplay and appeared as Miss October in one of their calendars.


Jack Vasvary

I am a local freelance artist from Pittsburgh. I studied Visual Arts at Radford University as well as Multimedia Technologies at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. While attending Radford University, I was a staff writer and graphic artist for Whim - Radford University's online magazine. I am best known for my one-panel, The Far Side-esque cartoons. I have also designed promotional flyers for local concerts as well as illustrations and cartoons for various newsletters. I am currently working on illustrations for table-top games as well as my first graphic novel, Hammurabi: Eye for an Eye which I hope to have published sometime next year.


Thanks to everyone who attended our past shows. They were huge successes! If you missed out, please sign up for e-mail updates and we will let you know about the next one and the one after that!

AND... don't miss the Crannberry Memorial Day Throwdown tentatively scheduled for May 25th!.

We also attend Pittsburgh Comic Con every year. Look for us there!www.pittsburghcomicon.com.


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