C3 SHOW 2014

Oct. 25th, 2014

Century III Mall, West Mifflin, Pa from 10-5.  This show will be held directly across the hall from our regular store location.

Drawings will be held every half hour. And we have a LOT of sweet stuff to give away. Coming early and sticking around is a good idea!


zenescope_logo_black costumecontest


$1000 in prizes at our Costume Contest at our October 25th in West Mifflin! Grand prize $500 New Dimension Comics gift certificate! Then Best Grimm Fairy Tales costume wins $500 in awesome prizes from Zenescope Entertainment!


1st 100 ATTENDEES!  
FREE to the first 100 attendees: Chopper Zombie Graphic Novel!


We pride ourselves on putting out lots of freebies at our shows!  Come early for best selection.


Get your picture taken with everyone’s favorite domed droid!


Meet tons of great artists, writers, celebrities, and more!


Lots of great comic, toy, and all types of collectibles dealers will be displaying there goodies!  Dealer tables are available for $45 for a 6 footer or $60 for 8 footers.  This show will have limited space, so don’t delay!  Please e-mail us at the bottom of this page for a contract. Contact form is at the bottom of this page.


Guests and Attractions: (check back as this list will grow!)

Jamie Apgar 3-1Jamie J. Apgar

Jamie J. Apgar is an Illustrator who has perfected creating styles which either adhere to his own collections or adapt to new ones for private and commercial commissions. First working as the main artist for indie comic companies like Divine Authority, he has since developed into a prominent designer and muralist with work that can be viewed all over the Pittsburgh area. You might recognize his work from some of these locations: Pittsburgh Antique Shops, Linden Grove, Winghart’s, Smiling Banana Leaf, Salud, The Pittsburgh Art House, and Cavo, to name a few.



shawn atkins

Shawn Atkins

Shawn Atkins is a Cartoonist living in Pittsburgh. He illustrates Gello Apocalypse and other webcomics weekly on his own site gelloapocalypse.blogspot.com . His work has been seen by people.







nathanael batchelor

Nathanael Batchelor

Nathanael Batchelor works as both a freelance comic and concept artist along with voice acting and many other talents including sculpting and special effects/make-up. Voices he loves to imitate include Kermit the Frog, The Joker (both Hamill and Ledger versions) and Megatron (G1 and Transformers Prime versions). He is currently working on an original comic series named Retr0. Nathanael has also cosplayed and acted as The 11th Doctor for New Dimension Comics for various events. He’s excited to bring new content to the upcoming Comics & Collectibles Shows and thankful for the opportunities that NDC has provided him.



matt boltonMatt Bolton

Matt Bolton been drawing for the last 15 years with a focus on pop culture and comic book style art. Having set up at comic cons and comic shops in Pittsburgh, Ohio, and Arizona. He sells prints, posters, and sketch cards of his art as well as takes on commissions. Living in Phoenix Arizona for the last 10 years he has been featured in 5 comic shops and is looking forward to working with shops and local creators on future shows and projects. Matt has been able to work with Brian Miller from HI-FI design and Shelby Robertson who have worked at Marvel, DC, and Image comics on art prints he brings to shows. You can see Matt’s art and his comic con show schedule on his face book page artbybolton.

jared catherineJared Catherine

Jared Catherine is a cartoonist who self-publishes his own series, Incrediman Comix & Stories. Jared’s work has appeared in various publications since 1996, starting with a series of Incrediman strips in his high school newspaper and includes a controversial series of editorial cartoons for Penn State Universities’ The Daily Collegian. He recently launched Incrediman Web Comix at www.incredimancomix.com. Jared is also a co-host on the Pittsburgh based podcast, Comic Book Pitt. http://www.incredimancomix.com/




scott connerScott Conner After serving in the Marine Corp, Scott went back to his passion which was Special FX and Art. Upon graduating from AIP with a degree in Industrial Design, Scott spent nearly a decade in LA working on TV and film doing anything art related from makeup to props and specialty costuming. After returning to Pittsburgh to be closer to family 4 years ago Scott has been continuing his career both in entertainment and the art community and has plans for more salvage art pieces on the way as well as dabbling in the emerging 3D printing and scanning fields. “Art is all around us, and influences everything we do, it can not be ignored.”



Jay Fife 2Jay Fife

Jay Fife is a pin-up and portrait artist from the upper Ohio Valley. His work is mostly full rendered pencil drawings of characters from all aspects of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and comics. Specializing in customized pinups realistically depicting famous characters or compositions of favorite personalities from TV and movies, Jay brings personality to his images.

Jay recently has his art featured in the Harvey Award winning Image comic Mice Templar Destiny and has been the subject of an artist spotlight along with a pin-up featured in Hustler Magazine. Jay’s art was also featured in Echo Immortalus Magazine and has been the cover of two issues of the Horror anthology The Willows. Jay did a cover for Heske Horror’s Cold Blooded Chillers, had art featured in Pin-Up Magazine, The Serial Squad from Bad Place Productions, Eve-Vampire Diva from Arcana Comics and is the cover artist for the upcoming Dare #2 for Pickle Press Comics. Jays pin-ups are well known for featuring some of the most beautiful pin-up models including April Hunter, Jamie Eason and the amazing Acid Pop Tart.


brenda fulmerBrenda Fulmer (Fulmer Fabrications)

Brenda Fulmer (Fulmer Fabrications) is a well seasoned, independent artist. She is the Queen Bee of custom plushies and is the sole fabricator of collectible plushies made for the movies of director Christopher R. Mihm. She is known for taking iconic characters and portraying them in various artistic elements as she is a Jack of all trades. She also does commissioned paintings. Check out this authentic nerds work at her website The Art Wench http://theartwench.wix.com/fulmer-fabrications#!mihmiverse-collectibles/c14n1

dan gormanDan Gorman

Dan Gorman is a Medical Illustrator/Freelance Illustrator from Kent, Ohio. Recent work in the field of Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Illustration include hand drawn original Sketch Cards for “Thor”, “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Marvel Beginnings Series 1” and “Avengers: Kree/Skrull War” Trading Card sets Released by The Upper Deck, Co. Dan also created Sketch Cards for “Vampirella” released by Breygent Marketing and worked on the “AMC’s The Walking Dead” Trading card set by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Dan’s first Sequential comic book work appearing in “Femforce #158” by AC Comics in January 2012.



scott hedlundScott Hedlund

Scott Hedlund is a comic book maker from Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past 15 years, Scott has contributed pencils, inks, colors, covers, and letters to books and webcomics including: Weirdlings, Fairhaven, Chaos Punks, WZWA, World of Orenda, Super Haters, and latest comic project, In No Way Memorable. See Scott’s work at: www.weirdlings.com

Scott is also a co-host of the Comic Book Pitt (www.comicbookpitt.com), Pittsburgh’s premiere comic book podcast with co-hosts Dan Greenwald and Jared Catherine.

Shadow Fox 3Shadow Fox

Shadow Fox is a native Pittsburgh cosplayer that loves to create! She prides herself on quality work and spanning different genres, from video games and TV shows to comics and original designs. She loves supporting others that share this wonderful hobby and is very excited to be a part of the cosplay contest this year! You can check out her fan page at www.facebook.com/ShadowFoxCosplay

Steel Man

The Concept: The Legend of an old time Pittsburgh Steel Man® is brought back to life in a Modern Day Man of Steel.

In this original graphic novel, a Past Pittsburgh Hero and Legend of old is reborn as a Real Life Hero of Today caught up in an epic modern day battle of Good versus Evil.

The Real Life Adventures: Pittsburgh SteelMan® is Pittsburgh’s Official SuperHero who represents the past, present and future pride and glory of the town he loves. SteelMan® and his trusty companion SteelDog® are a Pittsburgh man/dog hero team that enjoy representing the Steel City. As a result of their many appearances at local and national events, SteelMan and SteelDog have become a Pittsburgh and national sensation. SteelMan’s unique costume is inspired from the actual uniforms used in Pittsburgh’s steel industry. The suit consists of what are called “silvers” which are aluminized flame resistant apparel used when steelworkers get close to molten metal. Both Steelman’s and Steeldog’s exploits are chronicled in their very own Comic Books, Coloring Books, Children’s Books and Newspaper Comic Strips.

The Story: The Steel-Man Series is like no other comic series you will ever read because it is based on real life events and there will be a level of controversy never before seen in graphic novel media. The Steel-Man Series is written by Steel-Man and promises many twists and surprises that will culminate in an ending you’ll never forget. Steel-Man is “The Only Real Man of Steel” and his comic series illustrates the life of a Real Life Anti-Hero in a city that has two faces. The Steel-Man will tell his story from his perspective and the reader will be free to judge the truth not told to Steel City and hid from the people. Read the story that the Pittsburgh media could not or would not ever tell – Read The Steel-Man Story. This story is not like any other you will ever read because, unlike all other comic books at The 2014 New Dimension Comic & Collectibles Show, this is the story that the Steel-Man never wanted to write . . . but he had no choice . . .


The Steel-Man Series is Rated M for mature because of the adult subject matter. And, if you want to try something truly unique, then read The Next Great One which just so happens to be a Pittsburgh Based Original Series and is based on “Steel-Man, The Only Real Man of Steel”.


Children’s Books: Because of Steel-Man’s immense popularity with the youth of Pittsburgh, the Steel-Man has teamed up with talented local “Disney Style” artist Marc Baker to create, “The Adventures of Steel Dog” Series. The story is written by Carol Lynn Vicini and edited by Steel-Man and published by Pittsburgh Steel Man, Ind. Media, Inc. Look for a new issue of “The Adventures of Steel Dog” at the 2014 New Dimension Comic & Collectibles Show, and come see our many products which include comic books, coloring books and children’s stories about “Steel Dog, The Only Real Dog of Steel”.

Have a Great Con !!!


Steel Dog® and Miss Carol

Steel Dog® is The City of Pittsburgh’s Official Mascot Dog and she will be accompanied by her owner and Pittsburgh Story Teller, Miss Carol Lynn Vicini, who authors, “The Adventures of Steel Dog” book series.  Stop by and check out one of Steel Dog’s comic books, coloring books and/or children’s story books.  Also, if you come and visit Steel Dog, she might even give you a kiss and she loves to smile for pictures.  You can even give Steel Dog a biscuit and she will be very grateful and give you a “Paw Thanks”.  Miss Carol presents live performances and Story Telling for her original story books geared towards children of all ages and she has performed her “Story Time” in numerous locations throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding communities.  Check out our photos and friend us on Facebook.  We hope to see you all at the 2014 Pittsburgh Comicon Show.  WOOF!!!

Please stop by Kidz Corner for a live reading of The Adventures of Steel Dog and meet the Steel Dog Herself.

Come by purchase the newest Adventures of Steel Dog Book with Cover Artwork by Marc Baker.



john haun

John Haun

Looking for reasonably priced original art? Then stop by and say Hi! Trading card sets he has worked/ing on include; Cryptozoic Entertainment … The Walking Dead, CBLDF Liberty, DC Comics … Justice League of America Archives, Marvel Comics … X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie, Spider-Man Archives, X-Men Archive, 70 Years In Marvel, Heroes and Villains & Dangerous Divas. Topps … Star Wars Galaxy 5, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters & Galaxy 6 – I was one of 22 artists selected by Topps to do”sketchagraph” cards, which are new inserts for Star Wars Galaxy 6. Breygent … Sci Fi / Horror Sketch Card Series 2 & Vampirella. Versicolor … Bettie Page Private Collection. Upper Deck Captain America.


gavynne hehmanGavynne Hehman

Gavynne Hehman is a fresh out of high school artist. Being voted the Most Artistic Student out of her entire graduating class, her work is promising! She loves to work with pencil, paints, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on. She does a TON of custom work and can paint or draw anything anyone’s heart desires. She loves drawing anime as much as watching it. In 2010, at 14 years old, she received a full scholarship to attend Slippery Rock University’s Summer Creative and Performing Arts Academy. Her work has been featured in The Pomegranate the Grove City Newspaper. She has done numerous murals, including some at Lincoln High School and also apprenticed at Black Crown, a tattoo parlor in Ellwood City, PA. She is now attending BC3 for a degree in Fine Arts.


jesse johnsonJesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson is from South Point, Ohio and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an artist for Industrial Media Inc.’s Pittsburgh SteelMan as well as an upcoming indy comic for Nocturnal Comics. He is a current cover artist for the German publication “Fanzine.”






john marinJohn Martin Greensburg artist John Martin creates digital paintings based on his faith and his love of comics. John has recently been published in Studio Three16’s book Inspired Visions along with over twenty other comic and pop culture artists. Commissions will be available during and after the show. For more info please visit www.risenlion.com and like Risen Lion on Facebook.






jess paulJess Paul

Jess Paul is an award-winning artist best known for her “Living Walls” and “My Monstrous Family” series. A graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College, she lives and works in her hometown outside Pittsburgh, PA as an illustrator and commercial artist. Outside of visual arts, Jess is also recognized for being a Sundance-selected actor and screenwriter.  http://jesspaulart.com/






geoff munnGeoff Munn

Geoff is a Pittsburgh based Freelance Animator/Illustrator with experience in Video Game Design, Animation, Comics, Multimedia, and Graphic Design. He self publishes the comics “Kiosk: Life in Neutral” and “#parenting” online. 2013 saw the first collected edition of Kiosk, entitled Kiosk: Year One. Geoff will be doing free quick sketches on Free Comic Book Day at Century III. www.kioskcomic.com  www.hashtagparentingcomic.com



ernie stinerErnie Stiner

Ernie Stiner worked as a comic book penciler in the 1990s on such books as Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #27 thru #31; The Punisher Back to School Special #2; Silver Surfer #85; and the penultimate issue #154 of Marvel’s run of G.I. Joe comics – which was recently reprinted in IDW’s Classic G.I. Joe, Volume #15. These days, Ernie is a freelance cartoonist working through his own EJ Graphix Imprint, which features Stick-E Stickers and the ever popular E-Lectro Magnets as he plots a return to comics in 2015. For Stickers, Magnets, Fan Art and Original Sequential Stories please visit: http://ejjs.deviantart.com/ and http://sequential-e.deviantart.com/

adelle udonAdelle Udon

Meet model, artist, and cosplayer Adelle Udon at our show!! She is a frequently featured model on Women Of Comicbook Cosplay and appeared as Miss October in one of their calendars.






jack vasvaryJack Vasvary

I am a local freelance artist from Pittsburgh. I studied Visual Arts at Radford University as well as Multimedia Technologies at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. While attending Radford University, I was a staff writer and graphic artist for Whim – Radford University’s online magazine. I am best known for my one-panel, The Far Side-esque cartoons. I have also designed promotional flyers for local concerts as well as illustrations and cartoons for various newsletters. I am currently working on illustrations for table-top games as well as my first graphic novel, Hammurabi: Eye for an Eye which I hope to have published sometime next year.


For more info or info on any of our shows please email our events coordinator below.