Comichub & You

Many of you have asked how comic hub works and why we use it for our POS and subscriber system. Here is a video about how to navigate it. – NDC

  1. How to sign up
  • – Get started, find store, wait for sync
  • If email is already on file, LOG IN
  • This log in can also be used on our online live store at at the store you are synched with. 


  1. What’s in my sub? 

– Already there and ready for payment. Order history (top menu) > ASIDE ITEMS > Cart underneath or Add all to cart > In Store (top right) > Choose Payment

– Still Coming > Order History > On Order (Release dates are under each item) 

– To see each week > select date > GO


  1. How to add a sub 
  • Variant check boxes if needed 
  • Preorder Product > Search > Choose cover > add to cart 
    • Single Item (I only want that cover) 
    • Order From (I want this # to this # only)
    • Ongoing order (I want all the regular covers)
    • Variants are Single Item only PER BOOK
    • Pre Order Cart > Place order with New Dimension Comics
  1. Misc 
  • To cancel a title, contact your local store. 
  • Playlists
  • The Bell is notification.