Lords of the Cosmos #1 & #2 Available 9/5 at your Local NDC

UGLI STUDIOS has been delivering cutting-edge comics since 2012, and now the beloved Pennsylvania publisher is continuing with LORDS OF THE COSMOS #2. 

A nod to the glorious mayhem of 1980s comics and cartoons, LORDS OF THE COSMOS is the tale of the exotic planet Aiden, a planet lost to space and time. Here, all manner of escaped super villains, heinous inter-dimensional demons, exiled Earth gods and ancient bio-wizards battle on a hostile world controlled by a sentient, planet-wide machine. 

The second issue comes out of the gate with laser rifles a-blazing, featuring another jam-packed issue of comic madness for fans of 1980s action-adventure properties. This issue features sexy crystal princesses, nuclear fantasy war, alien gladiatorial battles and a closet full of heads (trust us, you’ll have to see that one to believe it). 

If you grew up with Saturday morning cartoons, Heavy Metal Magazine and action figures galore, this comic is a wish come true! 

Issue #2 is a super-sized, massive, JUMBO comic – actually more like a small graphic novel! The new issue will have 44 interior pages comprised of part two of the main story, as well as work by Robert Hack (ARCHIE COMICS), Livio Ramondelli (IDW TRANSFORMERS), Bill McKay (ZOMBIE TRAMP), Joe Palumbo (FUBAR/ALTERNA COMICS) and Rebecca George (BONESHAKER PRESS). 

LORDS OF THE COSMOS was created and drawn by Jason Lenox and written by Dennis Fallon and Jason Palmatier, (creators of the graphic novel PLAGUE, published by Markosia UK). 

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Creator Signing: Kasey Pierce – Oct 27 &28

Kasey Pierce, creator of NORAH (Source Point Press) will be at your following local NDC:

Saturday Oct 27, 12p-3p @ NDC Ohio Valley

Saturday Oct 27, 5p-8p @ NDC Century 3

Sunday Oct 28, 1p-4p @ NDC Pittsburgh Mills


Pick up NORAH #1 now at your local NDC. And don’t forget to ask about issues 2, 3, & 4!

Signing: Jim Pascoe – @ Cranberry TWP, Pittsburgh Mills, and Century 3

Join us in welcoming writer Jim Pascoe at the following locations.

Cranberry TWP: Thurs Aug 30 – 6pm-8pm

Pittsburgh Mills: Sat Sept 1 – 2-4pm *NOTICE TIME CHANGE*

Century III: Sat Sept 1 – 11am – 1pm *NOTICE TIME CHANGE*

Jim Pascoe is a writer, designer, and an award-winning creative director. For the past 20 years, he has been generating, collaborating on, and executing creative ideas.

His latest work is the graphic novel series Cottons, illustrated by Heidi Arnhold. The first book in the trilogy — The Secret of the Wind — comes out in 2018 with First Second Books.

His previous comics credits include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy Animated, and the original series Undertown—which was originally published by Tokyopop, put out as a special edition by Scholastic, and distributed by Universal Press Syndicate to over 50 newspapers worldwide.

He is the co-author of the crime fiction novel By the Balls: A Bowling Alley Murder Mystery (written with Tom Fassbender and illustrated by Paul Pope), which launched the cult publishing house UglyTown and was rereleased in 2013 in a deluxe 15th anniversary edition.

Part of the original founding team of the entertainment advertising agency The Refinery, Jim Pascoe has worked on campaigns for every major Hollywood studio. He and his team have won multiple Clio Awards.

He was also the creative director/producer on Disney/ABC Cable Network Group’s interactive television program JETIX Cards Live, which won a 2004 Emmy Award (Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology).

He lives in Los Angeles, where he drinks coffee, sleeps very little, and believes in magic.


Some of Jim’s other work include:

Cottons: The Secret of the Wind (First Second Books)

Cthulu Tales Omnibus: Delirium (Boom!)

Florida Heat Wave (Tyrus)

Undertown, vol. 2 (Tokyopop)

Undertown, vol. 1 (Tokyopop)

Cthulhu Tales: Tainted (Boom!)

Hellboy Animated: “The Yearning” (Dark Horse)

Hellboy Animated: The Judgment Bell (Dark Horse)

Hellboy Animated: “Phantom Limbs” (Dark Horse/Anchor Bay)

Hellboy Animated: The Black Wedding (Dark Horse)

Zombie Tales: The Dead (Boom!)

Star Wars Tales Vol 5 (Dark Horse)

Kim Possible: Badical Battles (Disney Press)

Kim Possible: Attack of the Killer Bebes (Disney Press)

Kim Possible: Killigan’s Island (Disney Press)

By the Balls: The Complete Collection (Akashic)

Hellboy: Theater of the Dead and Other Tales (Dark Horse)

Hellboy: Weird Tales Vol 2 (Dark Horse)

Star Wars Tales Vol 2 (Dark Horse)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 7 (Dark Horse)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 6 (Dark Horse)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 5 (Dark Horse)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Death of Buffy (Dark Horse)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ugly Little Monsters (Dark Horse)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: False Memories (Dark Horse)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Creatures of Habit (Dark Horse)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Out of the Woodwork (Dark Horse)

Five Shots and a Funeral (UglyTown)

By the Balls: A Bowling Alley Murder Mystery (UglyTown)




Labor Day Cookout and Geek Flea Market – Sunday Sept 2, 2018

Celebrate Labor Day with NDC at our cookout and Geek Flea Market Sunday Sept 2nd at the Cranberry TWP location from Noon til 6pm



10% OFF – Graphic Novels, Gaming, and Toys

20% OFF – Silver Age Comics

30% OFF – Green Box Regular Back Issue Comics

50% OFF – $1 books

To sign up for your table at the flea market please click this link.

Not at Comic Con Day 2018 – Saturday July 21st

Are you a nerd that wants to go to San Diego Comic Con but can’t afford it or fit in to your schedule?

Stop into your local New Dimension Comics from 12-6pm and check out some awesome local talent that wants to give you a little bit of that experience! Check with your local store to see who will be there!

Not only will we have some great talent in the stores but if you wear a cape you will get 10% OFF your entire purchases all day! And it doesn’t have to be a great cape either. It would be a towel, a burlap sack, a napkin even!

Cosplay Contests at 6pm at all locations! Registration starts at 4pm.
3 Winners will each recieve a $50 NDC gift card!

Contest rules:
– No masks/facepaint
– No weapons of anykind

Cosplay catagories:
– Most original
– Most accurate to the original character
– Best in show

If you are interested in setting up at your local NDC please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Appearing at NDC Century III

Not shown: The Art of Shane and Devon




Appearing at Pittsburgh Mills




Appearing at Cranberry TWP




Appearing at Ohio Valley Mall




Store Signing: Danielle Corestto – Sat July 7, 5p-8p – Pittsburgh Mills

Saturday July 7th

5p-8p, NDC Pittsburgh Mills

Meet Danielle Corsetto, the creator of the webcomic Girls With Slingshots, which ran from 2004­-2015.

She also penned three Adventure Time OGNs for BOOM! Studios, and wrote and drew The New Adventures of Bat Boy for the Weekly World News. She posts silly autobio strips about her cats and yoga at Stuckat32.com, and is writing a sex ed comic with Monica Gallaher called BOO! It’s Sex, debuting on Webtoons this summer.