Pittsburgh Mills


Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm Sunday 11am-6pm

Just inside Entrance #2 between Sears and JC Pennys

Weekly Events:

Sunday: Pokemon, 12-5

Monday: Dungeons & Dragons 5pm-9pm, Casual Gaming 4pm-9pm

Tuesday: Pathfinder 6pm-9pm, Yu-Gi-Oh! Casual Play 4pm-9pm

Wendsday: Casual Magic the Gathering 4pm-9pm, Dungeons & Dragons Encounters 5:30pm

Thursday: Pathfinder 6pm-9pm, Ladies Comic Night (last Thursday of each month) 6pm,  Magic the Gathering Modern Constructed 7pm-9pm, Dungeons & Dragons Expeditions 5:30pm

Friday: Friday Night Magic 6:30pm

Saturday: Heroclix 5pm-9pm, Magic the Gathering Booster Draft Noon-5pm, Magic the Gathering Casual Commander 6pm-9pm


590 Pittsburgh Mill Circle

Tarentum, PA 15084

Phone: (724) 758-1560

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