Halloween Comics Fest Oct 29, 2016! – All Locations!

hcf-2016-logoSaturday Oct 29th – All Locations!

  • FREE Halloween Comics!
  • Kids coloring sheets!
  • Meet local Artists!
  • Come in costume and get 10% OFF purchase
  • Everyone who comes in costume gets their name in a drawing for a weekend pass for 3 rivers comicon 2017! 1 winner per location!





  • Costume contest! Winners announced Nov 1st per.
  • 1st  wins a Prize box with Three graphic novels, $25 gift card, & a Signed comic! 1 winner per location!

scottinksampleKids coloring sheets with original art by DC & Marvel Artist Scott McDaniel!

Artist by location:

Century III:

Geoff Munn 

Geoff Munn is a Pittsburgh based Freelance Animator/Illustrator with experience in Video Game Design, Animation, Comics, Multimedia, and Graphic Design. He self publishes the comics “#parenting” and “Interstellar Squad” online, and self publishes “Kiosk: Life in Neutral” in trades. 2016 has seen the first collection of “#parenting” published, with volume 2 coming by the end of the year.



Version 2Josh Bommer

Bomtron Art is the handle used by Joshua Bommer, an illustrator and pop culture artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His subject matter covers a wide cross section of comic books, television, and film. In his professional life he has created art for Topps and LucasFilm and would also love to create some art for you.

nathanaelbatchelor1Nathanael Batchelor

Nathanael Batchelor is a freelance comic/concept artist, as well as a voice actor, sculptor, and special effects/makeup artist. He has worked on Adventure a Week and three RPG books, Veranthea Codex, Hypercorps 2099 as the lead artist, and Mists of Akuma.


Pittsburgh Mills:

johnmartinJohn Martin

John Martin is a Digital Painter from the Pittsburgh area who creates original paintings based on Comics and other Pop Culture characters. If you like Batman, Spiderman, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and even some new Star Trek prints . . . . You found the right artist! John will also be accepting commissions during and after the show.

jared-head-shotJared Catherine

Jared Catherine is a cartoonist and baseball aficionado who resides in Greensburg, PA. When he’s not at his day job or at a Pittsburgh Pirates game he’s at his drawing board making his own comic series; Incrediman Comix. He’s made some mini-comics too; Mean FaceThe Expressionless, Squatch Bros with Shawn Atkins and the critically acclaimed Walrus series with Brian John Mitchell. Jared’s stuff has appeared here & there since 1996, starting with a series of Incrediman strips for his high school newspaper and a “controversial” series of editorial cartoons for Penn State Universities’ Daily Collegian. He has also contributed to a few Pittsburgh based comic anthologies, including Memory & Love & Monsters.

simsjames1 James Sims


JW’s career started in 1995 with his very first BOBA FETT drawing. “I posted it on Facebook just to show my friends and see what they thought. The reaction was more than I had ever expected. I was off drawing like crazy, and before I knew it I had people offering to pay me to draw them something and HOOLIGAN ALLEY PRODUCTIONS was born.”

simsjameshooliganalleylogoIn 2017, JW battled illness and an amputation; all the while, his art had been the thing that kept his head above water. That’s when he decided, there is no better time than now, to pursue his dream and resurrect ‘DARKEST NIGHT’ (a comic he actually started in 1997). He began to plot out the first story arc and quickly realized he was going to need help writing this thing. At the same time JW started working on a short 5 page story entitled, ‘EL DIABLO AZUL: IRISH WAKE’. The story was written by Derek Adnams and features the character El Diablo Azul created by Michael Waggoner.JW then enlisted the help of first time comic writer Stephen Kelley. JW and Stephen worked together to flesh out the first two issues of ‘DARKEST NIGHT’. At the same time JW had several other ideas for books and one of these ideas was called, ‘FALL FROM GRACE’ (originally titled Hope Falls) with writer, Daniel Hamm and illustrator, Roy Stewart.

simsjamesproject34Currently JW has become the artist on “Sinful Justice” for Virtuosity Entertainment and writer Stephen Dodd (issue #1 currently available). He has also done the colors for comics “Police State” #2 (Nathaniel Broadus), “Arcane” by Ross Kennedy, among some other stuff that have not been announced yet.




colin-prof-picCollin Richards

Colin Richards is a freelance illustrator and artist from Western Pennsylvania.  He specializes in pen-and-ink and graphite drawings of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy themes and is greatly inspired by golden-age illustrators and classic fantasy art.  Connect with Colin at http://www.colinrichardsart.com or http://www.facebook.com/colinrichardsart.

jackvasvaryJack Vasvary

Jack Vasvary is a freelance artist from Pittsburgh. He studied Visual Arts at Radford University as well as Multimedia Technologies at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. While attending Radford University, he was a staff writer and graphic artist for Whim – Radford University’s online magazine. His one-panel cartoons, inspired by Gary Larson’s The Far Side, often mash up pop culture references that show off his inner geek and unique sense of humor. He has also done color work for the third installment of John Davis and Patrick Ebel’s comic book “Worlds Apart” as well as “The Adventures of Steeldog and Steel Puppy: The Garden Party” and the upcoming issue of “Steel Man”. Jack has also designed artwork for the table-top gaming company Wynner’s Circle Games including upcoming game “Squish.” Finally, he is working on his first graphic novel, Hammurabi, which he hopes to have published soon.

Ohio Valley:

justinbirchJustin Birch

Born in the hills of West Virginia and raised on a diet of pepperoni rolls and Ecto Cooler Hi-C, Justin surprised everyone by surviving to adulthood. Now he letters comics for some pretty awesome publishers like Action Lab Entertainment, Broken Icon Comics, CAE Studios, Rising Sun Comics, and Source Point Press. His eventual dream is the same as everyone else – to work full time from home in his underwear.


NDC is currently looking for local creators for Halloween Comics Fest to be featured at our Butler and Ohio Valley Stores. If you are interested in being a guest please email our General Manager Jon at Jonengel(at)ndcomics.com


Don’t miss out on the Mall Halloween festivities where we have stores as well!

Century III and Pittsburgh Mills – Thurs Oct 27

Butler – Weds Oct 26