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SUN AUG 31, 2014

NDC All New Soulfire #1 Exclusive

NDC All New Soulfire #1 Exclusive! Just $7.99!

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NDC Pint Glass NDC Pint Glass

NDC 25th Anniversary Pint Glass! Just $9.99!

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Avengers #1 Pittsburgh Power NDC Exclusive Avengers #1 Pittsburgh Power NDC Exclusive

Avengers #1 NDC/Pittsburgh Power Exclusive! Just $5.00!

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Salem's Daughter The Haunting #1 NDC Exclusive Salem's Daughter The Haunting #1 NDC Exclusive

Salem's Daughter The Haunting #1 NDC Exclusive. 2 covers on 1 book! $19.99

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Amazing Spider-man #666 New Dimension Comics Exclusive!

Amazing Spider-Man #666 New Dimension Comics Exclusive! Only 1000 Made! $9.99

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Godzilla King of the Monsters #1 NDC Exclusive! Only 300 Available!

Godzilla King of the Monsters #1 NDC Exclusive!  Only 300 Available! $9.99!

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Hellraiser #1 NDC ExclusiveHellraiser #1 NDC Exclusive

Hellraiser #1 NDC Exclusive. Signed by Doug "Pinhead" Bradley. Only 400 Available! Flip cover! Pinhead! $40!

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Grimm Fairy Tales Beyond Wonderland #0 Blood-On-Parchment Cover! Grimm Fairy Tales Beyond Wonderland #0 Blood-On-Parchment Cover!

Hack/Slash #1 "Tubby Time" Exclusive!

Not one, but TWO sexy new covers to the new ongoing series!  A "Tubby Time" cover by series creator Tim Seeley.
And on the flip side, a photo cover with model Mariposa Peligrosa. Only 1000 made! $9.99

Sold Out!

Sat Oct 25, 2014 Pittsburgh Comics and Collectables Show at Century III Click here for the list of all the awesome stuff happening!

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This section is a complete list of EVERY item released by our distributor. We are obviously getting all the comics, but we may not be getting some odder titles or merchandise. But, we can get ANYTHING from this
list, we just need you to let us know! This is also a good way to e-mail any changes you might want to make to your subscriptions. Enjoy! ~NDC~

The Ellwood City store is the NDC Megastore!  Open 10-7 Mon - Sat. and Sun. 10-7 with over 500,000 comics and magazines for only $1.00 each. Come see!  If you need some help with directions you can click here.

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We have 5 store locations and a HUGE warehouse.

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This is a first come first serve event. Please check back often as the list is updated and changes all the time.

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