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Vintage Comic Premier

Vintage Comic Premier

Saturday Jan 18th - Ellwood City location. So many comics! These books are available at this location only for the event and will not be available until the day of the event. ...

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Legendary Basement Sale – Sat Jan 25th

Legendary Basement Sale - Sat Jan 25th

Do you like $1 books? Do you have holes in your collection that you need filled? Do you just want to see what 500,000 comics in one room look like? Stop by NDC ...

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Cranberry TWP Anniversary Sale – Sat Feb 8, 2020

Cranberry TWP Anniversary Sale - Sat Feb 8, 2020

10am-6pm Sales will be going on all day long! 10% off Toys, Gaming, Graphic Novels, and Statues! 20% off All Silver Age Comics! 50% OFF All $1 Books! 

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NDC is now part of COMICHub

Manage your subscriptions, orders, and get information about your weekly orders all from your phone or personal computer. Ask the staff for more details, and to make sure your email is up to date ...

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NDC is Pittsburgh’s largest retail chain of comics, games, and collectables.  With 6 locations all around the greater Pittsburgh area  and over 30 years experience NDC gives you the best service for all your nerdy needs!

Just read what industry legend STAN LEE has to say about NDC!

Stan Lee“When it came time for me to sell items from Stan Lee Media, a pal recommended Todd McDevitt. The guy was like a superhero-buying tornado! Todd swooped in, evaluated my little treasures, made a great offer, paid promptly, and dragged them off to his secret lair.

Now pay attention! Here’s my message to you if you’re facing the nerve-wracking task of making the best decision about who to sell your comics to-simply take a deep breath and shout “Help me, Titanic Todd.” then count the seconds till he heroically comes to the rescue!”

– Stan Lee, Legendary Creator of Spider-man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, & many other Marvel heroes. Chief Creative Officer, POW! Entertainment


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